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Homes change through the seasons of life. For many decades, spaces had to be shared and negotiated- as offspring leave home, so to arises the opportunity to reclaim your space!


Our Feather That Nest gift celebrates people on the home stretch of their parenting journey. They’ve survived the newborn stage, weathered toddler storms, attended countless school concerts, performances and book week parades, been an unpaid (and perhaps unappreciated) taxi service and now with their children grown and making their own way in the world, they find their nest (blissfully) empty.


A home naturally evolves as the family within evolves- what was once a preschooler’s playroom (and the scene of middle of the night not-so-silent curses as lego became imbedded into bare feet) can now become repurposed for spaces only dreamed of in the busyness of family life.


Our empty nest clients tell us that whilst this era may be a bittersweet time- there may be twinges of guilt as you repurpose the spaces that were previously the domains of your offspring- there is often a sense of renewal as they enter a new phase of parenting, from afar. There is a level of transition involved, as with any major life change, but we have the skills, expertise and soft furnishing deliciousness to support you.



It’s your time, and it’s your house. Your child no longer needs their bedroom, so with the support of an interiors expert turn it into whatever you like. We’re often asked to transfer childrens’ former bedrooms into guest rooms, so when grown babies visit for a night or two they don’t feel as though they’re teenagers again.  Rather, the guests to your home, related by DNA or otherwise, will be comfortable staying in a room that feels cozy, well put-together and inviting.


This phase of a parent’s life provides an opportunity to take a fresh approach to your spaces and transform the family home for stylish empty nest living. You may decide to redefine your children’s old bedrooms into a yoga studio, library, dressing room, man cave, or for one of our clients, a dream sanctuary where she regularly escapes the snores of her sleeping beloved- the choice is yours, and the options are vast.


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