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The living room is where we unwind from the world, connect with our friends and families as well as with our favourite fictional characters, in books and on the silver screen (The Kardashians, are fictional, aren’t they?). For most, home is a sanctuary within our busy lives. The favoured place for retreat after a massive day for both people and sneaky pets is the sofa.


The sofa is often quite literally the centrepiece of the living space, and in some homes, the most used piece of furniture. But what if you hate your sofa? It can’t possibly be your escape from the world if you simply can’t watch one more season of Game of Thrones on that worn, uncomfortable couch that you’ve dragged from house to house since your university days.


The furniture you buy for your living room is a massive investment- not just financially, but as pointed out above, it’s the centrepiece of your living room. Your sofa is a key piece that needs to last, and needs to be that perfect, elusive mix of aesthetics and function, form and beauty.


Your sofa will be your most used piece of furniture. It is essential to get your sofa choice right for years of enjoyment, comfort and relaxed living. It demands a significant level of confidence that it’s the right piece for your space and for you. There are hundreds of different styles and types of sofas. Springs? Slings? Stuffing? Rolled arms? Chaise? Modular? That’s only the start. As the target piece within a space, scale and proportion also need to be considered. The sofa will throw out the whole aesthetics of your room if either too large or too small. To put it bluntly, a sofa is an extremely expensive thing to get wrong.


Clearly, you can’t just plonk a sofa in a space and hope for the best- planning the room to go with the sofa needs careful consideration as well. Often, with a new sofa, the whole room needs to be made over accordingly. The purchase of the new product (aka sofa) needs to be planned with forethought about not only how the new sofa will fit and look within the space, but also about what other elements would present your space at it’s absolute best. You may not be in a position to purchase the ideal new rug and side tables at the same time as your new sofa purchase, but how fabulous and affirming would it be to have some direction about what your room could look like long term?


Finding the perfect seating isn’t easy, and as an essential part of family living, sofas are big ticket items. The MBA Hello New Sofa gift solves this living room dilemma, saving the lucky recipient the time and energy to navigate purchasing the perfect piece to finish off their living space; their perfect sofa.


We help work your designated space to make your sofa the centrepiece, placing it to it’s best. We’ll not only make sure your sofa has the essential good construction and (of course) good looks, we’ll make sure your new sofa can actually fit through your door- don’t laugh, we’ve seen it happen. With extensive and long-established contacts in the furniture industry, we put all our focus on not only finding the perfect sofa for your space, for your family and for your tush, but styling the room around your sofa as effectively and as beautifully as possible.


For more information about our Hello New Sofa Gift, please get in touch.



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