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Anyone who has entered into a building process with a volume building company will understand all to well the sense of trepidation and overwhelm that occurs at a selection meeting. There’s 50 shades of grey, you need to choose one for your walls, and once you choose you can’t change your mind, even if that shade of grey will look nauseating against the window furnishings you have selected, a slightly yet significantly different shade of grey.  Then there’s the flooring, the kitchen splash back, the bathroom tiles- so many decisions, so little time to make them, and the potential to get it wrong, (and expensively wrong!) is frightening.


You don’t have to face your selection meeting alone. A New Build SOS gift from My Beautiful Abode provides confidence in support in the interior styling and design choices you need to make in an extremely limited time. We have the expertise and skills to bring your new dream home vision into life, and we reduce your stress to help you make the right decision for your new home, your existing furnishings and sense of style, setting you up for a great experience with your new build project.


My Beautiful Abode’s expertise will make an enormous difference to the finished look of your new home. We remove all the guess work, helping you get through your new build with your vision realised. We bring your ideas to life, save you time, energy and money.


If you or someone you know needs a New Build SOS, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help. using _a_designer_to_help_make_selections_with_builder



Up to 1 Hour consultation at recipient’s home and up to 4 hours consultation at selection meeting


Thanks for your help. You have [been] wonderful! So helpful and knowledgeable. You have saved me so much stress and so much time. I couldn’t imagine how much time it would have taken me to get even close to where we are now! 

Kelly, Box Hill



Today’s blog post is part of our series profiling our new range of My Beautiful Abode gift vouchers.

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