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To you; they’re your baby. To them; they’re a growing, independent person with distinct tastes, interests and opinions, and their bedroom simply doesn’t reflect that. Your child’s room needs to evolve as they do, and grow with them as their abilities and interests develop. It’s not unreasonable that your tween feels their room needs a makeover, yet it’s equally reasonable that their room is as stylish as the rest of the house- a space that is unique, inspiring and engaging for the tween, yet meets a parent’s aesthetics. As any parent of a tween can attest, the actual process of aligning the wishes of parents and tween, can be as fraught as the decision to serve a toddler sandwiches cut into squares and not triangles.


Your tween will have a ton of ideas and approaches when it comes to styling their space, however they may not necessarily have the ability to translate a plethora of concepts into a cohesive, comfortable, stylish space that is loved by both the occupier and their parents. Of course, they’re not going to take interior direction from you, mum or dad- what would you know? The very suggestion deserves its own eye roll. Avoid this battle- or let us fight it for you, with our new Tween Stylin’ gift.


Tweens use their rooms for a host of activities other than sleeping. They love to stake a claim on their room with their own special style and belongings, celebrating their world and showcasing their enthusiasms. This doesn’t have to be a stylish parent’s worst nightmare. My Beautiful Abode has worked with families to create havens for tweens- physical, creative, interactive or daydreamy, through styling and interior design that tells a tween ‘this is just for you.’


Your babies are growing, and they’re changing. You have less and less say over the clothes they wear, their interests and hobbies. Soon, as they enter full adolescence, they’ll be making their own decisions (like it or not), but at this age, these darling cherubs still want your input and your approval- you’re not yet totes embarrassing- even if they won’t admit it. Taking them on the journey of a room makeover with My Beautiful Abode is a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come and is the perfect way to acknowledge and celebrate their transition to adolescence.


Please get in touch if you would like to gift a special tween in your life with a My Beautiful Abode Tween Stylin’ gift. 'tween sample



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