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Thresholds are always exciting places to be, and moving into a new home is no exception. However, the excitement can soon wear off when you’re standing surrounded by boxes in your living room, your couch blocking the beautiful windows you admired when you purchased, your dining table looking completely out of place, your side tables in the middle of no-man’s land. It’s overwhelming- how to reconcile all your stuff in a new space?



Presenting your home beautifully will enhance your enjoyment of it, but what worked in one home may not necessarily translate to your new space. As you begin unpacking boxes of your books and ornaments, you may discover that arranging them in a relatively foreign space is more difficult that you envisaged-  that vignette of glassware on your console table that looked beautiful in your last home just looks cluttered and messy now.


Moving house is stressful and overwhelming. My Beautiful Abode is particularly skilled in working with clients to make a space that’s just right for them, which is why a Welcome Home Gift is the ultimate housewarming gift. There’s nothing better than coming home and putting the day behind you. My Beautiful Abode work with clients in their new space to unearth their treasures and style their space effectively so it feels like home, their sanctuary. With our support and our styling, their new house takes on the persona of it’s new occupiers. Their individual pieces and belongings are positioned within a space in a way that shows the occupiers passions, personality, their story, and basically just feels right. Like home should.

side table detail

If you’d like the remove the feeling of disjoint and overwhelm that accompanies moving house, get in touch about our Welcome Home Gift. 



Three Rooms


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GIFT VALUE: $1,050


Today’s blog post is part of our series profiling our new range of My Beautiful Abode gift vouchers.

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