The perfect blend of belongingsIt’s a modern day dilemma- whose belongings get the prime decorating real estate? What to do if you meet the one, and he gives you the key to his heart and his home, but comes with his collection of sporting trophies and posters? What to do if the one you want to share your life with (or more specifically your kitchen and bathroom) hates the china cabinet you inherited from your grandmother?


All’s fair in love and war, but it is really fair to impose your bachelor lounge onto your beloved? Or likewise, your china teapot collection? It can be difficult to strike a style balance between a feminine and masculine space.


A happy home makes for a happy relationship, but blending two people’s unique styles can be testing, volatile or maybe even deal-breaking. Opposites attract doesn’t always translate into a cohesive, comfortable space, but it is possible for two distinct styles to live together harmoniously with a bit of editing and styling.  Our Blending Belongings Gift solves this exact problem. With our help, your home can become a true reflection of both of your styles, celebrating your individuality as well as your shared interests and coupledom. We can take his masculine spin, mix it with her feminine vibe, and create an ideal, functional, beautiful space for you to enjoy with your friends and family.


Your differences may be what attracted you to each other, but your differences in taste may be what drives you to the bottle shop- this is where we step in to find the similarities in style that will overcome the differences to create a space to reflect you as a couple. My Beautiful Abode has worked with many couples navigating the journey of merging belongings and tastes into a space that creates a new personal style- or an evolved version of what they had- two becomes one!  We’ve created spaces for our clients that tastefully, effectively and stylishly combines his and hers tastes.


The opportunity that comes from creating a space that blends two distinct tasks can result in a home that is stunning, one in which you will want to spend time in, together. Can’t you feel the love? For more information about our Blending Belongings Gift, please get in touch.



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